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Christmas with an X

the dissident frogman

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J.C. (not affiliated with the Official Christmas Eve Celebration Person) :
“The Dissident Frogman with disturbing holiday imagery.'

Disturbing? Oh God, it's the beard right?

Yeah, I knew that was a bit too much.

Oh well. For the record, this...
“Any day a bulldog gets to sniff another dog's pee is bulldog Christmas.”

... Is very incorrect.

To any dog, another dog's pee is not a gift but an open territorial dispute and a hierarchical challenge in the making. In short, not a gift but an outrage (and a smelly one with that).

A dog's Christmas is sniffing anything at all and finding it's either food, a pal or a bitch(1). As a result, a dog's Christmas happens more often than a human's one, which is possibly what makes dogs such a bunch of good-natured fellows we so enjoy having around — unlike, say, Mohamed the Islamic Fascist who never gets any Christmas at all but the promise of 70+ afterlife sex-slaves with absolutely no former humping expertise whatsoever. Talk about a raw deal.

I mean, the worse that can happen with Christmas presents, is that Auntie Jane forgot the friggin' batteries.

Apart from that little hiccup, a nice roundup of Christmas links J.C. Just spend less time with cats if you intend to lecture on dogs, okay?
  1. In the veterinary understanding of the word, of course.


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