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Jules Crittenden gives Woodstock a good and well deserved trashing, in his usual shock and awe style. Here's an appetizer:
"Hedonism wrapped in misguided self-righteousness and hypocritical idealism. Living like there's no tomorrow while pretending you're making the future a better place."
Emphasis mine.

The more I look at those baby-boomed hippies—and the pathetic spiritual offspring they seem to have spawned nowadays (freeloading freetards and neo-Communists, climate-reversing witch doctors and various tenants of a doctrine-guided science Lysenkoism, multiculture cultists & other moral relativists—the more I find myself okay with being a Generation-Xer stuck in between.

Even though being young in 80s' France sucked way beyond proportions— remember that, unlike the US and the UK, that's when the French decided to go dead on Socialism and elected one of the worst of their own, François Mitterrand.

But hey, I suppose that's in part what gave me a certain edge when it comes to swallowing Collectivist horseshit and going with the herd. What doesn't kill you makes you straggler.



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

Comments thread (15)

4212 - Boy on a bike

Comment author avatar
"What doesn't kill you makes you straggler" "straggler"????

4213 - TooTall

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Woodstck? Woodstack? What is that?

4214 - 2hotel9

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  • 2hotel9 Western Pennsylvania

I am a tweener, not a boomer(THANK GAWD!!!) and not an Xer. I liked music from that period, still do, I just can't stand the majority of the lyrics, and absolutely despise the leftarded stupidity of that entie Boomer shithole generation. I'm sorry! Was that too vague and wishy washy?

4215 - unknown jane

Comment author avatar

I too am a "tweener" -- being a child of some Greatest Generation parents' old age. My husband is the child of a fascist country and knows the true meaning of freedom (because of living family memory of not being free).

Freaking hippie boomers make me physically ill anymore (and not just from patchouli reek). Here's a money quote, paraentheses mine: "40 years ago on Yasgur's farm...we celebrated our love for one another and the world and our struggle to gain freedom (wtf mofo, you were in chains prior to this???) little knowing that our struggle would take us 40 years....but now we have Obama (without comment)...we won (oh sweet Jesus!!) took us 40 years...who knew that it would take so long, but we're finally there" (uh, yeah, we have a apparatchik snitch site -- I feel so freaking free!) At this point he started quoting Rocky Mountain High and talking about some sort of self-identity workshops he had gone to -- I thanked the Lord that this was an internet posting and not an actual conversation, as I might have been goaded into doing violence (like shoving his chai down his throat or something).

Of course I had to make a disparaging remark about patchouli reeking hippies, lol!

4216 - M*A

Comment author avatar

I'm old enough to have gone...actually had a chance to and didn't. One of the better decisions of my life. I can't tell you how ashamed I am of my generation...and how I very often feel the desire to apologize to all of you who come after. The 60's that these people a myth and a lie. For all the talk of love and peace ....what I remember most is a lot of people using each other...for whatever they could. Sex, dope, money. The whole war protest movement....what they neglect to mention when they are waxing poetic over that as soon as the draft was did the protests. The fact that all those innocent people they were crying over were now being slaughtered...yawn....the draft was over.

4217 - Deathknyte

Comment author avatar

The hippie scum were no longer concerned once the draft was no longer enforced because they no longer had to fear being drafted and sent to fight or flee to Canada.

The hippies will get what they deserve after the dems force obamacare through. They will be the first to discover that the death panels are quite real and won't really care what you want unless you are highly ranked in the party or know someone who has major influence.

4219 - TooTall

Comment author avatar

Well, truth be told, I'm like M*A in the fact that I was old enough for Woodstock but I had other obligations that prevented me from going. I agree with his assessment of the "glorified" hippie lifestyle but he forgot to mention that all of the drugs damaged their genes and this defect was passed along to their heirs which resulted in the popular vote for Barack Obama.

4220 - 2hotel9

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  • 2hotel9 Western Pennsylvania

TT? Were those obligations across the water, in a rather warm and green locale?

4221 - DaToad

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  • DaToad Glendale, AZ, USA

I'm a Boomer and could have gone to Woodstock and, in retrospect, probably should have. I got home from my "year long, all expenses paid South East Asian vacation" on July 23, 1969. You all may not believe this, and as amazing as it may seem, I just didn't see the flower children as my kind of crowd. If I had only realized then how that week in the mud could have changed my life.
Instead, here I am at 62, part of an angry mob, living on my Cul-de-Sac of Whitedom, bitterly clinging to my guns and bible.

unknown jane said: "as I might have been goaded into doing violence"

Although I haven't kicked any hippie ass since about 1973, I agree, jane, it's looking mighty tempting...

4222 - 2hotel9

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  • 2hotel9 Western Pennsylvania

I remeber the summer of '69, that was the summer my uncle Jerrold was moved from Bethesda to VA Gulfport, MS and we went down a couple of times a week to visit till he was released. And come to think of it, he was not too hip on the "flower child" crowd either, though he did like a nice fatty with his cold beer! And he had a tendency to stomp hippy ass, the long hair, beard and tattoos lulled them into a false sense of security, right up to the point he started smackin'em! And yes, he was a big fan of David Allan Coe and Leon Russel, and loved going to the French Quarter and partying with the brothers. A most perplexing redneck, to say the least.