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The road not to be taken:
"Toward the end of World War II, newspapers reported the following: when Russian troops moved west and occupied foreign towns, the Soviet authorities automatically executed any person who had a bank account of $100 or a high-school education; the rest of the inhabitants submitted. This is a physical dramatization of the spiritual policy of mankind's moral-intellectual leaders: destroy the tops, the rest will give up and obey.

Ayn Rand, The Age of Envy in Return of the Primitive, the anti-industrial revolution.

Atlas Shrugged Book Campaign


Under Reconstruction

Hey, where's all the stuff?

I am rebuilding the site from the ground up.

As of July 08, 2020, only basic blogging is implemented.

Features that were previously available—and a bunch of new ones—are still under (re)construction, and will be deployed gradually as soon as they are ready. That includes the site-wide search engine, the blogroll, membership registration and, well, more...

So all the stuff is coming back?

Yes, thank you for your patience.

Note that some of the legacy content (anything I published before the current redesign) may not display as expected—this will be addressed in the future.


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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing traps that shall not be entered.

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