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13 years and 4 weeks ago

Mujahideen muppets can't photoshop for shit

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I was actually working on a new Red Button(1), but I felt like I had to answer the current events' call.

Found this on Gateway Pundit, which led me to Little Green Footballs.

I just couldn't resist. That Islamofascist propaganda has to be answered in kind, so I thought now would be a good time to wade through my archives, dig the source files of that 2004 hack job of mine, and put up the new version you can see at the top of this entry.

It's mujahedin wallpaper time folk.

Just one thing before you minimize your browser window and marvel at your shiny new wallpaper: do read the comments(2) at LGF. The lizards are having a brainstorming session, and some of their title-hacks are truly excellent.

Like "Ali Potter and the Prisoner of Abu Graib".

Yep, that one really cracked me up. But then, I'm an insensitive bastard(3).

Just incidentally, even though we may never know the bottom of the story, my gut feeling is that these Islamic Fascist propaganda posters were created by Western collaborationists, not by the Mujahedin Muppets. In addition to the quality of the photoshopping work (far beyond the utterly tacky imagery usually produced by Islamofascist graphic designers), these posters are a bit too smart — in a twisted way — and arty-craftsy for your average Allah-fearing suicide monkey. Coming up with that kind of agit-prop requires a certain sarcastic mindset of which these bigots are totally deprived.

Our Peruvian beanies friends with their Macintoshes on the Lunatic Left fringe however...
  1. Veteran readers of this blog will know what it means. Rookies will have to wait and see.
  2. At least some of the 700+ comments over there.
  3. Oh, and shameless too.


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