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Peace And Hate • Paix Et Haine

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Necrothreading much?

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Following are the instructions and links to download the various versions of the banner dedicated to some of the young victims of Palestinian terror.

You're most likely coming from there, but just in case you're looking for the original post where I briefly expose my thoughts on the subject, it's here.

All right, up to the geek talk. There are two versions, English and French:

To display them on a web site, get the desired zip archive and follow the instructions enclosed:


To distribute a self playing version, pick one or both of the following:

English: Windows PCMacintosh
French: Windows PCMacintosh

Drop me a note if you need help.
As requested by Spart and to preserve his mental sanity, I added a quiet version of the Peace and Hate banner. Yes, that means 'no eerie tune'.

There it goes: EnglishFrench

You're welcome, brother.

Also, I updated the original French web version: the zip archive contained in fact the self-playing .exe.

It was a mistake. It was my mistake. Sue me if you dare.

Article copy (alternate language)

Ci-dessous les instructions et les liens pour télécharger les différentes versions de la bannière relatives à certaines des jeunes victimes du terrorisme palestinien.

Vous venez probablement de là, mais juste au cas où vous cherchez le post original, dans lequel j'expose brièvement mes réflexions sur le sujet, il est ici.

Passons au jargon maintenant. Deux versions sont disponibles, anglais et français :

Pour les afficher sur un site web, prenez l'archive zip souhaitée et suivez les instructions qu'elle contient :


Pour distribuer une version autonome, choisissez parmi les suivantes :

Anglais : PC WindowsMacintosh
Français : PC WindowsMacintosh

Envoyez moi un mot si vous avez besoin d'aide.
A la requête de Spart et pour préserver sa santé mentale, j'ai ajouté une version silencieuse de la bannière Paix et Haine. Oui, ça signifie 'pas de chansonnette macabre'.

Allons-y : AnglaisFrançais

Pas de quoi frère.

De même, j'ai mis à jour la version web française d'origine : l'archive zip contenait en fait l'exe de la version autonome.

C'était une erreur. C'était mon erreur. Faites moi un procès si vous l'osez.



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

Comments thread (9)

1871 - Truebob

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Re: Peace and Hate Banner....can you provide a zip archive download as well... Truly, Bob

1873 - colleen

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Needs to be on a t-shirt, my beloved frogman. The picture of the child with a hand grenade at his neck would make a stone weep. colleen

1874 - Spart

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Dear Frogman: Is there a way to turn off the music? I've posted it to my site ([url=][/url]) and find the eerie tune is driving me nuts whenever I load the page.... Thanks, brother. Spart

1875 - Dawn

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Ack! I'm trying to add this to my blog, and am coming up with a large block of color, but no animation. What am I doing wrong? Thanks! bunkergurl

1876 - Brun

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1877 - the dissident frogman

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  • the dissident frogman France

#6: Merci de confirmer l'esprit français tel qu'il est dénoncé dans ces pages. Vous auriez pu ajouter "Sales juifs", mais nous nous doutons bien que le coeur y est, et que seul votre piètre maniement de la langue et du clavier vous en ont empêché.
Time to take sides

1878 - MIckael

Comment author avatar
So full of hatred and racism... As a matter of fact, exactly the same sort of rhetoric that you can find in the antisemitic press of the 1930's in Europe, which tells a lot about your lack of culture (you would certainly refrain from it otherwise). Well, I suppose that if you are writing "from France", as you pretend, you must be a very sweet member of the Bethar, the shame of French Jewish républicains, my shame! And please, stop pretending you are the voice of the Iraki people, this is totally grotesque...

1879 - the dissident frogman

Comment author avatar
  • the dissident frogman France

#8: You're one of the reasons why I can't consider myself as a French anymore, just out of disgust to be assimilated with barking moonbats such as yourself. Your unconditional support for terrorism, even when it takes the form denounced in this banner, that hardly hides your rabid anti-Semitism, and this simplistic analysis of anybody who is not in line with you're stance (show me exactly where is the racism in what I write and produce here. Quote me precisely. Or just shut up.), your wishful thinking, suppositions and assumptions on who and what I am, tells a lot more about you than it does about me (not mentioning the appalling attempt at turning modern Palestinian terrorists into the equivalent victims of early 20th century European anti-Semitism. No, don't tell me: you're Arafat's PR?). Anyway, when things come to the Iraqis, get that straight kiddo: unlike you and your kin, I'm not pretending to be the voice of the oppressed and know what's good for them better than they do. However, I do understand that it may seriously hurt to see how wrong you - and most of your despicable fellow citizens - have been, are and certainly will always be about Iraq in particular, and the oppressed in general. Just pass the Vaseline to your buddies et serrez les dents. Après tout, maintenant que vous l'avez dans le cul, inutile de pleurer.
Time to take sides