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"As far as foreign policy goes, the French-German axis is just not indispensable anymore. They cannot pretend it is, and they cannot speak for Europe."

Ramón Gil-Casares,
Spanish secretary of state for foreign affairs.
(IHT article via the Ruthless Merde in France)

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"En ce qui concerne la politique étrangère, l'axe Franco-Allemand n'est tout simplement plus indispensable. Ils ne peuvent pas le prétendre et ils ne peuvent pas parler pour l'Europe."

Ramón Gil-Casares,
Secrétaire d'Etat aux Affaires Etrangères espagnol.
(article de l'IHT via l'Impitoyable Merde in France)



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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922 - Papertiger

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Apparently President Chirac read this and said to himself , " If they don't need us, fine. We'll aim our missles at them . At least they won't ignore us this way." ( ) France is to enact a historic shift in military strategy by targeting its nuclear missiles on "rogue states" that have weapons of mass destruction, it was reported yesterday.(...) France's Cold War goal was to prove its independence from America and Nato by having its own deterrent against Soviet attack. (...) ( How inconsiderate of Mr. Reagan to win the cold war. Turning the French nuclear umbrella into another Concorde. I bet Reagan doesn't have many French fans.)[inserted by P] France is also looking at developing "mini-nukes" capable of destroying military installations without serious civilian casualties. ( I had the name Zaccarias Moussaui running through my head when I read this. Don't make the mistake of building terrorist grade Nukes, Mr. Chirac, or you will find your self in a war.) In unveiling such a new strategy, M Chirac would bring France into line with America, which has said it might one day be necessary to use nuclear force against nations with weapons of mass destruction. ( ya? Since when? Who does France view as a "rogue state"? Israel? )

923 - Alan K. Henderson

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  • Alan K. Henderson

Germany and France are in the "axis" business? I thought we put a stop to that :-)

924 - Papertiger

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Disregard my previous post. M. Chirac you make all the nukes you want ... aim them at any Target (store) you want. We got you checked. [ The Nautilus uses a high power radar to track and lock onto the incoming projectile. Then a Mid-Infrared Advanced Chemical Laser (MIRACL), which looks like a large spotlight, shoots out an intense beam that destroys the rocket. ] [ The White Sands test marked the first time that a rocket has been destroyed in flight by a laser beam. The laser has also proved its ability to shoot down artillery shells. ] [ Israeli security officials said that the potential to use this technology in the war against terrorism was a major factor in convincing Congress to renew support for the project. ] I know what your thinking! " Damnez ces Yankees ! " It's like the Concorde, and the French Nuclear Umbrella to counter the Soviets in the cold war. Time to forget mini nukes and focus that French zeal on issues domestiques.

925 - Papertiger

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Sorry DF, for using your comments section to talk to M.Chirac. Strangely, he has stopped taking my phone calls. He isn't even falling for the Jerry Lewis bit anymore!