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Tell Me What You Fear ♠ Dis Moi Ce Que Tu Crains

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Necrothreading much?

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The new Flash animation at the top of the home page was inspired by a reader's email to Our InstaLord of the Blogs, thank to B. Durbin (with whom I share an inexhaustible interest for Terry Pratchett apparently.) who added it to an hypothetical "things I'd like to see df do" list in the comments of this post.

It seems that Ted Kennedy, like too many people around, needs a little reminder on recent history.

Considering that when it comes to the contempt for 9/11 and its implications, Mr. Kennedy doesn't have the excuse to be French (I mean "excuse" in the sense of "justification" of course), let's give it to him:

Here's an archive containing the Flash movie and instructions to publish it on your site/blog (260 Kb).
Here are the self playing projectors: For Windows (executable inside the zip. 782 Kb) and for Mac (hqx, 2,120 Kb).

Use it at your heart's content: I'm inclined to believe that what Ted Kennedy really fears is you and your choice in November.
There were reports of damaged downloads, notably on the web version archive. It should be fixed now, sorry for the inconvenience.

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La nouvelle animation Flash en haut de la home page est inspirée de l'email d'un lecteur de Notre InstaSeigneur des Blogs, grâce à B. Durbin (avec qui je partage manifestement un intérêt intarissable pour Terry Pratchett.) qui l'a ajouté sur une hypothétique liste des "choses que j'aimerais voir faire par df" dans les commentaires de ce post.

Il semble que Ted Kennedy, comme de bien trop nombreux autres, a besoin d'un petit rappel de l'histoire récente.

Considérant qu'en ce qui concerne le mépris du 11 Septembre et de ses implications, M. Kennedy n'a pas l'excuse d'être français (Et j'entends "excuse" dans le sens de "justification" bien entendu), donnons le lui :

Voici l'archive contenant le clip Flash et les instructions pour le publier sur votre site/blog (260 Ko).
Voici les projecteurs autoexécutables : Pour Windows (exécutable dans le zip. 782 Ko) et pour Mac (hqx, 2,120 Ko).

Utilisez sans modération: j'ai tendance à penser que ce que Ted Kennedy craint vraiment c'est vous et votre choix en Novembre.
J'ai été averti que certains téléchargements étaient endommagés, notamment l'archive de la version web. Cela devrait être rétabli maintenant, désolé pour le désagrément.



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

Comments thread (28)

1579 - Damian

Comment author avatar
DF, The Left is a spent force. Their big idea of an idea is limited to opposing the person of GWB. Here are a few policy surmises from the podium mush dished up at the Democratic convention. * In Iraqi, they will simply do better -- though in some mysterious unspecified way because John Kerry will not tip his hand without the authority of the presidency. Guess you have to elect him to find out. * On terror, again the Democrats will do better by -- please take a seat -- talking to the French, and maybe the Germans if they are in the room at the time. Pfft. They are also considering giving Iran nuclear fuel, so the Iranians don't have to go through the embarrassment of stealing it for bombs. * On the economy, they will not raise taxes on the middle class. This is the oldest and rudest of Democratic campaign lies. Few people remember that Mr. Clinton ran in 1992 against the tax increases GB '41 conceded to Democratic Majority Leader George Mitchell. Mr. Clinton then went on to push through his own tax increase -- one of the largest -- (by 1 vote, supported by Messrs. Kennedy and Kerry) in his first year in office. Like Willy Sutton robbing banks, the government looks to tax the middle class because that's where the money is. American households making a million or more a year -- a thumbnail definition for the evil "rich" -- could be taxed at 100% and it still would not be enough to satisfy the voracious spending of government. * Again on the economy, the Democrats will only create spectacularly well-paying jobs, none of those low-paying service sector jobbies. Will they magically resurrect the bubble? Or perhaps they intend to convert the entire American work force into Swiss bank managers. Who knows? There is a dearth of details. It's obvious that they haven't a clue, not the basest inkling, how a free market economy works. Job growth is always bottom heavy, not top heavy. As for Mr. Kennedy, he never makes an appearance without the revenant Mary Jo Kopechne. Mr. Kennedy, incoherent, self-righteous, and shameless, voice quavering, lips trembling, pronounces the only fear ahead is Mr. Bush. And he is right. Mr. Bush spoils Mr. Kennedy's big liberal project. That Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Clinton ("most ethical administration in American history" ever) and Michael Moore are standard-bearers for the Democratic party tells all that needs to be known about the party of donkeys. Regards, DGB

1580 - Joe N.

Comment author avatar
And Ted Kennedy in a black shirt - excellent. It might as well be brown. It's as though the man doesn't realize that his day has come and gone, he's still waiting for the chance to be 'great' or to be of some service to the nation. He never will. He should just be agentleman, and retire gracefully, save some face - and spend his life accepting the thanks people will ineviatbly give his brothers.

1581 - B. Durbin

Comment author avatar
Yep, as excellent as expected. Thank you.

1582 - Mitch

Comment author avatar
Thank you, DF, although it is not necessarily fear that I feel on seeing those images again. I would give ten years of my life for a clear shot at one of those b******s.

1583 - Djerzinsky

Comment author avatar
Dear DF, we all know that in these days of relative insecurity a democrt in the driving seat of the most powerful country in the world is not something to forward to but i would be curious to know what your thoughts are on the libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik?

1584 - Mamamontezz

Comment author avatar
You truly never cease to amaze me with your beautiful pieces. And I agree, certainly most soundtracks would detract. I can only think of one that would work, that being a single, mournful, minor chord sustained for the entire piece. As it is, I love it.

1585 - Nightfly

Comment author avatar
DF - Just catching up. Sorry about being Nightfly-come-lately. Just stupendous work. Merci beaucoup. By the way, do you know the only major network that I've seen show anything remotely like this lately, here in the states? ESPN. A-yep, that ESPN, the Worldwide Leader in Sports. They've had hour specials re-covering the biggest sports stories of the past 25 years, and one of them was the professional leagues' response to 9/11. They showed about 20 minutes of footage from the Towers and the Pentagon, including the people leaping down from 1000 feet. They're the ONLY ONES. Hmmm...are the major news media willfully compliant with the Democrats' apparent strategy to campaign as if it's still 2000? Am I just a conspiracy nut?

1586 - Chuck

Comment author avatar
What I fear comes in several packets...first off is the statists who think government is the answer to all problems...they are slowly strangling what's left of our Republic, second is the morons who think if we retreat behind our Atlantic moat that the Muslim fascists will leave us alone(what happens then to the Europeans who backed us when we needed it?), third and last is the US judicial system and how it continually fails the people/US Constitution it's supposed to protect....