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Today as yesterday, it's always about a "perversion of European culture"

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Necrothreading much?

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It seems that during recent "Forum for a New Diplomacy" in Paris a collective of Greens and the European Left at large, the French Foreign Affairs drawing from the whole body of the French political spectrum, "intellectuals" and mainstream media, the European Waffle SS fan club (those so called "European Conservatives" sleeping with Europe's race [ir]realists) and Europe's various Paternalists/Nationalists/Sovereignists/Supremacists, Sunni and Shiite Islamofascists, the Greater European Union autocrats, plus of course the Chavez-Castro Incorporated authored a short essay on America, in which one can spot very easily where the various paternities lie.

Here's the most characteristic quotes:

America as a Perversion of European Culture

I. Why did the USA become a warmonger?

George W. Bush took office as president in the midst of the worst crisis in the history of the United States. Once he saw that his plans, (...) were unfruitful, he decided that the best way out was to drive the Western European powers into a war against Iraq. That would first enable him to overcome the economic crisis through war profits, and second to satisfy the stock exchange and armaments Jews.

His election promises forced him to introduce new economic policies to stimulate the economy. Driven by his Neocon advisers, he wasted countless billions in stimulating the economy, but could not end the crisis. Instead, the crisis in the United States intensified after 2006. Once again driven by his Jewish advisers, the only remaining way for W. Bush to deal with the economic situation was to become a world warmonger.

To prevent a domestic catastrophe, he created a world-wide catastrophe.

The publications of our Foreign Office prove that W. Bush incessantly incited England and other European states against Iraq, hoping to drive them to war and thereby rescue himself.


And the huge shipments of war supplies to the Western powers would mean big profits for American armaments magnates.

(...) Washington, already the capital of the United States as well as of the Zionists and Neocons, would become the capital of the world.(...)

If his plans had worked out, he would have actually been the Messiah who fulfilled the millennia-old dreams of the Jews, that Ahasver people.


2. America is no longer master of its economic forces

Bush had been unable to deal with the internal crisis of the United States, even after nearly eight years in the White House. Now the crisis intensified. What the results for the USA will be cannot yet be foreseen. It is clear that the American people are at the end of a particularly fortunate era, during which they were able to live in luxury.

Bush's first problem is to deal with the problems that are coming at him from every side. He had never been able to take the long view of things, but rather has always made his plans from one day to the next. That is not possible in a war. He is the worst sort of amateur. Politically clever, but otherwise stupid party politicians of his sort have not been rare, but rather the rule. They all —Bush included — had the luck to govern a land with vast natural resources that should have guaranteed prosperity for all Americans, if only these resources had been used for the common good, not given to a small number of Jewish financial magnates.

For example, the United States should never suffer a shortage of gas. The problems developing since it entered the war result from W. Bush's chaotic policies.

Many of these problems would only result because of the complete failure of Bush's unscrupulous government.

This man is stupid in every regard. (...)

(...) what [policies—Ed] led to success by us was condemned to failure in America, because Bush is a man without particular gifts, and because of the particular conditions prevailing in America's model democracy. His plans were not designed for a particular people or race, but rather only for a population consisting of the most varied racial elements from throughout the world. His plans were condemned to failure, for he never had the ability to lead. The only chance was dictatorial measures.

The bizarre vanity of the man in the White House has been seriously wounded, (...) He has the sick wish to destroy Europe's leading personalities.

3. The Zionists alone drove President W. Bush into war.

Bush's bosses while he was developing his war plans were Jews. They incessantly drove the President further along his twisted path. (...) Finally, the Neocon Bush's clique of Washington Jews involved Italy, Spain and England in Washington's long-planned policies. The sick warmonger in Washington had reached his goal of unleashing a world-wide conflagration.


Bush's economic mismanagement in God's Country is clear from the problems the United States is currently facing. Since America's wealth means it has no problems with foreign reserves, one certainly would have expected that the warmonger Bush would have stockpiled important raw materials that America lacks, such as oil. (...)

4. As a result of its rapid growth and its tendency to gigantomania, America has become a perversion of European culture.

Although any other country could accept the loss of private automobiles, the people of the United States cannot. It had become part of daily life. In 2001 there were 107.4 million households in the United States, of which nearly 98.9 million (92 percent) actually owned or possessed one or more vehicles. The United States is a large country with widely separated cities. That alone made Americans dependent on the automobile. (...)

The first thing to watch is how Americans who had a car for enjoyment will react to giving up the cars that they formerly did not think they could live without. We Europeans can understand conditions in the United States only when we consider the particular mentality of the North Americans. Since they live on a rich continent, they believe they have particular privileges and deserve all of life's advantages. That makes giving things up hard for them, even things we Europeans view as luxuries that we can do without. Given their wealth, they made things as easy as possible for themselves. They were proud of their superiority to Europe in this regard, in contrast to their intellectual and cultural dependence on Europe. They did not understand how much they clung to superficialities. (...) American housewives can no longer survive without frozen pizzas. They have become so lazy as a result of these frozen pizzas that they can no longer cook like German housewives. When they came home in the evening after visiting the beauty parlor or working in an office, and before going to a cocktail party, they stick a frozen pizza in the microwave for their family's evening meal. (...).

Americans who believed that they would never even know a war was going on now have to start thinking like Europeans. They will have to pay taxes like we do. We began by noting that Bush's government had presided over a catastrophic economy. When he took office in 2000, his Democrat predecessor had left a balanced budget. He immediately began to spend money. (...) Since he and his party were passing out money right and left, millions of voters had a personal interest in electing him a second and third time. But the national debt had risen by [Yeah, how much?] dollars by the outbreak of the war.

This situation would undoubtedly had led to a revolt if Bush had not unscrupulously been rescued by war. Without war, he would have been forced either to raise taxes or devalue the dollar. Either would have been a political disaster in peacetime that would have meant the end of Bush and his clique. Once war came, Bush could vastly increase his economic mistakes. He got approval for an additional $[Yeah, how much?] billion for military purposes. And he has already said that he would need "at least" another $[Ditto!] billion for the war. Just as he did at the beginning of his presidency, he is constantly talking about the vast measures that these enormous sums will pay for. Formerly he spoke of the Axis of Evil or going to Mars. (...) But those familiar with his methods know that he has always talked big, but has not produced results. We Europeans can therefore wait and see what deeds will follow his words. The economic mismanagement in the United States, which is simply beyond our understanding, will cause even greater problems. (...)

5. The war is not a matter of the people.

The natural result is that the war is not as popular as the American government would like it to be. The fall of Saddam Hussein was greeted in the United States with remarkable indifference. (...) the average American could not understand that he was in a war that was a matter of life and death. The press and government try daily to fight popular attitudes. Although they do not understand what they are supposed to be fighting for, it is gradually dawning on them that they face years of sacrifice, and that the United States will never again be a land of luxury.

The fact that their army is a mirror of the nation also gives them cause to doubt. Bush succeeded in building an army of several million soldiers. (...) The recruitment followed a strange system. (...) many young Americans with prosperous parents simply bought their way out of military (...) by bribing officials. As a result, the American army does not make a good impression.

Since the overwhelming majority of the American population did not want to join the war, Hollywood celebrities always asked me nervously before Iraq if I thought that the United States would end up at war. They clearly were afraid that they might have to put on their country's uniform. Even while I was interned, many American officials told me, the enemy, that they simply could not understand why they were fighting. Federal officials gave me the special editions of the New York newspapers (...) They stammered that they still hoped that the United States could still remain neutral. That is how naive the Americans are. They are like children playing with fire, who do not think they might be burned. Their complete political immaturity is the only explanation as to why a stupid man was elected president for the second time, even though there was no doubt as to the dangers of his policies.

6. The president believes he can win.

Since he is stupid, he is guided by wishful thinking. He naturally does not think the Axis of Evil powers will win. He does not have the least idea that if we lose, islamism will take over all of Europe. Leading American newspapers openly say that the United States does not care if green flags fly over Berlin, Rome, Budapest, Bucharest, Paris, and Madrid. Since Bush thinks that he can come to terms with the Saudis, he believes they will accept Anglo-Saxon control of the globe, and that they will accept Washington as the capital rather than Londonistan. (...)

But Bush has plans even if the Axis of Evil wins. He thinks he will win the war regardless of what happens. If Europe loses, then Canada and all the other European possessions in the Western Hemisphere will fall into his hands. He also hopes that dollar imperialism will conquer South America. Washington's current plans are to bring everything between the Rio Grande and the Panama Canal under its control, and to make South America economically dependent on the United States. Bush's plans in the event of an Axis of Evil victory make clear to the reader the coldness with which he made his plans over the years, aided by his hypocritical speeches written by the Jewish speechwriter David Frum.

Who knows what fate has in store for him? Many indications are that the war will end in terrible catastrophe for the United States. Perhaps this false Messiah, the lackey of his Jewish allies, will be brought to justice by his own people. History, after all, is just."

Well okay, I'm pulling your leg. That just an old 1942 Nazi pamphlet, and I simply switched "Roosevelt" for "Bush", "Jews" with "Zionists", as well as everything in bold with their modern equivalents.

Any reader of Friedrich Hayek's Road to Serfdom will not be surprised in the least to see how contemporary European politicians, press and elite—Left to Right—neo-Fascists & Islamofascists, Transnationalists & Environmentalists as well as old school Latino-American Marxists strictly match and sound like Nazi propaganda when it comes to America—That is no mere coincidence, but the logical outcome of a common deep Collectivist mindest.


Chicago Boyz's Mitch Townsend on the ball.



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

Comments thread (7)

3450 - TooTall

Comment author avatar

[quote]Well okay, I'm pulling your leg. That just an old 1942 Nazi pamphlet, and I simply switched "Roosevelt" for "Bush", "Jews" with "Zionists", as well as everything in bold with their modern equivalents.


Sure fooled me, everything seemed to fit so well. Wonder why?

3451 - Frozen Tex

Comment author avatar
  • Frozen Tex Yellowknife, NT, Canada

Yeah, you had me going... I was about to applaud your perseverence in wading through that much drivel...

Oderint Dum Metuant "The eyes are open, the mouth moves, but Mr Brain has long since departed, hasn't he, Percy?"

3452 - Mitch Townsend

Comment author avatar
  • Mitch Townsend Wakefield, Massachusetts, USA

More of the same:

We Americans are the new Jews, in that we are usually accused of both one fault and its opposite as well: too religious, but also too materialistic; lacking a culture, but cultural imperialists none the less; too insular, but bent on world domination; too cozy with noxious dictators, but too eager to intervene in other countries' "internal affairs" (a euphemism for mass murder), and so forth. Take your pick, there's plenty for everyone.

3453 - Mike H.

Comment author avatar
  • Mike H. Spokane, Wa

I second, third and fourth the statements previously posted. I was just about to call my congresswoman and demand a nuclear response! Fortunately I fizzled out by the end of the article.

3454 - the dissident frogman

Comment author avatar
  • the dissident frogman France

Mitch: Thanks for the tip, I updated the entry and linked to your post at Chicago Boyz.

By the way, and somewhat off topic, am I right in presuming that you are the same Mitch who is holding a shield in front of various Euro-race realists at the Waffle SS fan club (re Brigitte Bardot's Brussels Gang)?

Time to take sides

3459 - Mitch Townsend

Comment author avatar
  • Mitch Townsend Wakefield, Massachusetts, USA

Yes, I'm afraid that was me. It was a waste of time to argue with that bunch; if they can't learn a lesson from a century ankle-deep in blood, they certainly can't get one from anything I might say. My poor Dad spent all that time in a B-24's ball turret, and this is the result?

"I hate Illinois Nazis!"

3461 - the dissident frogman

Comment author avatar
  • the dissident frogman France

Mitch, I thought your comments at the Brussels Journal were spot on, very quotable and both worth keeping—I actually kept them in my personal records.

The only problem of course is that the point you made so masterfully, as an American, is counterproductive when you address any kind of race-based Collectivist in Europe. One of the reason why they hate America so much (beyond their hatred for Capitalism and their Anti-Semitism) is precisely the fact that she is such a "disgusting" pot of mixed races—Even when they don't put it in so many words, it's never far behind whatever their argument is.

See how quickly their phony comments on Brigitte Bardot's alleged freedom of speech (which, incidentally, doesn't exist in France and for a French citizen—at least not in the absolute understanding of your 1st Amendment) moved to considerations on race-centric "population replacement", and how none of them gave any consideration whatsoever to the point you were making, and actually accused you of advocating the "extinction of the Whites"...

Time to take sides