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the dissident frogman 16 years and 11 months ago

Necrothreading much?

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Many thanks to 2hotel9 for pointing in the comments here at this dispatch from Michael Yon.

Comments are pointless, as this is pure Evil beyond description — and beyond redemption.

I can only deplore that too many Muslims, comfortably living in the West, so frequently overlook the fact the more Muslims die under the knife of their supposed brothers than by the sword of the "Crusaders". And don't get me started on those, Muslim or not, who can still regard those children-beheading "insurgents" with more respect and admiration than the troops who hunt them and put an end to their rampage of wanton killing.

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Tout mes remerciements à 2hotel9 pour avoir pointé, dans ces commentaires sur ce dispatch de Michael Yon.

Les commentaires sont inutiles, c'est le Mal à l'état pur — et au-delà de toute rédemption.

Je ne peux que déplorer le fait que de nombreux Musulmans, confortablement installés en Occident, en arrivent si souvent à négliger le fait que plus de Musulmans périssent sous le couteau de leurs soi-disant frères, que sous l'épée des "Croisés". Et ne me lancez pas sur tout ceux, Musulmans ou pas, qui peuvent encore considérer ces "insurgés" coupeurs de têtes d'enfants avec plus de respect et d'admiration que les troupes qui les traquent et mettent un terme à leurs bains de sang.



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

Comments thread (3)

2073 - Iwo Gina

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  • Iwo Gina Maryland

Truly, there are monsters in this world... And they must be destroyed.

May God bless our troops, and give the them and the Iraqis the strength to destroy the evil in their land.

Thanks Mike, for brining this to light. Thanks DF, for posting it so prominently.

Iwo Gina

2074 - Valerie, Texas

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"pointed out the nice houses, saying the people had been simple farmers with comfortable homes and lives.

Until al Qaeda came."

Citizens of the West, do you understand this? This is our future. Unless we fight and KEEP fighting. Now, and always. This enemy will not retreat back past some imaginary national border. This enemy goes after its own as well as us. They have no pity, no compassion, no humanity.

Understand? Or are too many of us distracted by some jackass show on TV or the turgid romance of some non-entity celebrity?

I had the great honor, the priviledge of hearing Oliver North speak yeasterday. One of the statements he made concerned one of the toughest things he has had to do recently. He had to tell a squad of soldiers who had captured a a notorious terrorist killer that he had to hold on doing the satellite feed to share the good news because of a "BREAKING STORY!".

The big news that pre-empted this important event?

Paris f***king Hilton gettting out of jail. (My words, not the good Marine's.)

He also told of a Navy corpsman, who during a fire fight early in the liberaton of Baghadad, repeatedly ran into the battle feild to retieve fallen Marines. He would field dress their wounds, put them on his back and run to the EVAC chopper. Once, twice, three times, four, the young man brought in wounded. On the fourth trip he carred in a wounded Republican Guard soldier, field dressing about his head, and dropped the unconscious Iraqi in and turned to run, again out in to the bullets.

An Aussie AP film crew had been filming the entire event, jeered at the young man saying "Hey mate! Didn't you see that?!" Meaning "How stupid could you be to pick up an emeny?" The young corpsman did not pause in his run to answer but waved back in the universal gesture reserved for idiots.Lt. Col. North said quietly. "We treat wounded. We treat wounded enemies,. It is what we do. We are Americans."

Al Quaeda behead children. Get it?

For the life of me I cannot understand why so many, especially in Washington D.C. do not.

2090 - 2hotel9

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  • 2hotel9 Western Pennsylvania

Gang, I have been trying to write a readerblog on this over at sayanything, and I can't. I can't get out of the "screaming obscenities" stage. The fact that half our government members continue to fight tooth&nail to restrict our military ROE and allow these animals to operate in complete freedom within sight of US FOBs makes this even worse.

Those people were not just rounded up and killed. Al Queda took weeks torturing and killing these people. Look at the first 2 pics, of the donkeys. And think about what you are seeing. The blood is fresh. The corpses are not swollen. Those animals were killed during Charley 25s tactical movement to envelope the village. They were used as camoflage, whenever patrols passed that vill it looked normal. Those people saw the lights of FOB Warhorse every night as they were being tortured and raped. And the Democrat Party continues to fight to restrict our tactical operations and allow this to keep happening.