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13 years and 6 months ago

French Minister, and truther's fellow traveller

For French Minister Christine Boutin, "it is possible" that 9/11 was an inside job. Bush's job, of course.

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Here's doing for France what Memri does for the arabo-muslim world: translating and adding subtitles so you can better understand the enemy's mindset.

If you're reading this through the RSS feed, be advised that the video clip will most likely not show — I have not setup enclosures for now.

I'll work around putting this up on YouTube and such later.

One remark: I've translated those Conspiracy Frogs as literally as semantically possible, which explains some odd formulations. As a matter of fact, both the "Truther" and the Minister have a rather horrendous command of their mother tongue in this interview — proving that in France, one can be uneducated and stupid, and yet still make it on top of the media and political ladders. It's the Egalité stupid!

The rest is summarily explained at the end of the clip, but feel free to raise questions in the comments.


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