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Johnny Ramone's ghost speaking to those who should know better:
People back then were going on about Kennedy: “Oh, I really like this guy. He's so good looking .” This is how we're picking a President? If he's good looking?
If you're not interested in the Ramones (Fine. Just don't be interested in one of the most influential, and greatest band in the whole history of the whole world and beyond) then read the second part of the interview, starting with "You're sort of regarded as an oddity in the punk movement. A conservative Republican. Like a right-winger doesn't belong.". Yeah, I knew that would get your attention.

Pop culture these days is just a pathetic pool of politically correct, holier-than-thou conformists who fancy themselves as "rebels" when they are nothing but the voice of their masters. Quick! Someone slips into Johnny Ramone's torn jeans and sneakers, and beat on the brat(s) with a baseball bat!


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