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Yeah, I put a few Germans in, for the sake of the (European) Union.
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Ed Morrissey @ Hot Air on Obama getting himself a meager French personal guard of 300 gendarmes when he's asking for a serious NATO commitment in Afghanistan. That'll teach him to bring us crappy DVDs.

Notice that those gendarmes are to be specifically deployed in places where Jihadists are absent, and law enforcement is therefore not needed.

I beg my American readers and nevertheless friends not to take this as another example of French perfidy: this is actually the standard procedure for our gendarmes. You will frequently find them standing idly on the roadside with various photographic devices, taking picture of cars and drivers passing by, and keeping safely away from those troubled and predominantly Islamic suburbs that grabbed the headlines during the hot winter of 2005.

It's just how our elite gendarmerie is trained.

Nothing personal.


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