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Ground Zero, Manhattan 2006 (photo the dissident frogman)

On this day, eight years ago, 19 devout Muslims brutally and cowardly murdered 2,974 men and women in the name of Allah "the benevolent" — and since then, many more all over the world have perished, victim of the same totalitarian ideology that is Islam.

For many of us, including me, this was a day of horror, anger and more importantly awakening. It was a day of renewed acknowledgment of that centuries-old and relentless enemy that ever since its first appearance in Arabia has expanded through sword, fire and bloody murder all over the globe and all along the ages, from India to Europe and from Asia to Africa. While the best among us have been battling them from the fields of Poitiers to the streets of Fallujah — with outstanding resolve and results — I am now more concerned about the dangers on the home fronts, whether of open attacks such as those of September 11, 2001 or of the more insidious, stealthy and growing parasitic encroachment and subversion of our open societies' values under the guise of Islam's "peaceful settlers" by those whose only goal is to enslave or destroy us.

Thanks to our brain's natural defense mechanisms, the horror of that September day gradually faded, feeding, hopefully, a more acute sense of alertness. The anger, however, is still here; when it comes to the hideous, oppressive political-religious system the Muhammadans aim to impose on the rest of the world, that anger woke us up — and ensures we won't fall asleep again.

It bears repeating that the meaning of the word "Islam" is "submission".

It also bears repeating that we will have none of it.


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