Quote of the day: Breitbart

8 years and 7 months ago

Quote of the day: Breitbart

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Okay, it's a quickie, but I'm still juggling with business endeavors, and therefore only tentatively (re)blogging for the time being. In short, this is just to show you I'm not dead).

The following quote actually sums up quite well my reasons to keep that blog going as much as I possibly can, the various hiatuses notwithstanding:
"Until the Right realizes that we’re in a propaganda war and we’re losing, we’ll be on the losing end of this debate." Andrew Breitbart
Nailed. Just two brief remarks:

First, it explains how and why a meager majority of Americans elected a vile Euro-Marxist like Obama — and why I fear it may happen again,
Next, it should be hammered down the thick heads of those appeasers on the Right (do I really need to name names?) who call for the Obamadministration to be given the benefit of the doubt, when they're not actually switching sides.

Because as far as the vast Leftist nebulae (from Berkeley hippies to French 'Nouveaux anti-Capitalists' to Persian Islamic Revolutionaries) is concerned, this is a fight to the death without rules or referee.


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Comments thread (12)

  • Comment author avatar
  • TooTallUtah

this is a fight to the death without rules or referee.


But there are rules, whatever the left does is right and there is a judge, the Main Stream Media.  There, don’t you feel better.

  • Comment author avatar
  • GrimmyStranger from out there

There are issues that are relevant to debate. Those are issues where outcomes are unknown, or exist only in the realm of theory.

Everything else resides in that AO called "Fight". The weak, stupid, spineless and easily confused never quite comprehend that.

  • Comment author avatar
  • ProofStockton, Callifornia, USA

"this is a fight to the death without rules or referee."

But those of us who are civilized will fight and play by the rules, even though that might prove our undoing. It’s who we are.

And there is a Judge, who oversees the affairs of men. Most of the Left simply do not acknowledge Him.

  • Comment author avatar
  • ungoogleable

Mr. Frogman, i’m glad you’re alive. That’s what i said the last time i was here. I have a gift i found for you. About the best thing in  the whole wide world. A nukeable map. Pick a city, pick the size of nuke, nuke. Progam will show the blast radiues and other info.

glad you’re not a zombie


  • Comment author avatar
  • 2hotel9Western Pennsylvania

Sorry, Proof. There are no rules when dealing with socialists and communists. Pretending there are is the death of America.


Froggy, I have been saying exactly the same thing Andrew said for 25 years. But I’m just some bitter, clingy kook.

Una Salus Victus Nullam Sperare Salutem

  • Comment author avatar
  • the dissident frogmanFrance

I have been saying exactly the same thing Andrew said for 25 years. But I’m just some bitter, clingy kook.
  Kook no. You were just preaching in the desert my friend. Happens to the best.

Hopefully, one of the few positive things about the Obamadministration is the popular counter shock it will initiate simply by existing. At least, if the tea parties are any indication.

Europe on the other hand —and France in particular (speaking of experience)—will miss that, and keep trying to be more Obama than Obama for the next two decades.

Watch the coming EU elections.

Time to take sides

  • Comment author avatar
  • Ali Mentary

That obamacting is just a cunning plan to strengthen the leading position of the great satan in the world, I just understood.

It is clear that the deeds of the rage boys and of the socialists will hit europa (massachussets included) and asia first and strongest: what will be left there after the 4 years of barry will be clueless people starving between rubbish mounds and standing in the camel dung distribution lines.

For lunch.

US will thus keep uncontested its role of superpower, maybe a little battered, but doin nothin is a lot easier than doing anything.

  • Comment author avatar
  • Lady CincinnatusOhio & Kentucky

I still hold on to hope that EVERYONE is underestimating the American people in the heartland and the tea parties are exactly an indication of that.  Nothing like attending a tea party in a little town in Kentucky and seeing guys freely packing heat—unafraid to excercise their 2nd amendment rights.  It creates a good feeling deep in the soul that America will be okay.  Even better is knowing the dissident frogman is out there somewhere.  :)

  • Comment author avatar
  • GM Roper

I fully agree that we are currently on the short and sticky end of this stick, but we also have the power to turn it around if the Republicans get rid of their fat cats or we can get a "conservative" party off of the ground.

Delighted you are back mon ami’  you add a lot to the  discussion.

  • Comment author avatar
  • unknown jane

People can never afford to play "by the rules" when dealing with a fascist, lawless entity; unfortunately, too many do (seem to think there are "rules" and thus follow them).  They also go at life with a "it couldn’t happen here or to me".  Yes it can; it will even. 


I’m afraid that Americans are going to be schooled in these bitter lessons, are being schooled in them even as I type this. I think the people of Europe have almost completed their education and are about to recieve their "diplomas".  I used to have hope that the sensible ones could at the very direst pinch run away to here, but that is no longer the case.  The heartland of America is just as vulnerable and weak as any other part of the country—California or Massachusetts.  There is no place to go, no place to turn to.  Maybe it is as it should be—no safe place, no more options, and no more real time left to forestall things. 

My bet: it’s going to suck; times when you  have to roll the hard six usually do.


  • Comment author avatar
  • JangoAustralia

But are we really in a position to win this fight to the death, d.frogman?

It sounds funny, but at times I am genuinely intimidated by the power of the Left in the media and at propoganda. The sheer organisation of the Socialist Alliance (Australian branch) at Uni is terrifying and the amount of political intimidation us on the right recieve is ridiculous. One can proudly waltz around the city wearing Socialist Alliance colours in Australia, but be embarassed and constantly confronted when walking with a Young Liberals badge (our small, but vocal centre-right group at Uni). This represents a distinct defeat of the Right in propoganda as far as I’m concerned.

  • Comment author avatar
  • Melissa In Texas

Froggy! You are back!

This is indeed a fight to the death.

The absolute devastation of the USA at the hands of this pretender will not go unanswered….