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the dissident frogman

Necrothreading much?

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Just because you can't see anything from the surface does not mean the frogman doesn't get his feet wet.

Apologies for the lack of posts but I've been engaged in various activities.

Springing out of the water, locked, loaded and looking mean.

Bubbling in a general kind of way.

And I shall be back anytime now. Yes, springing out of the water, full of manliness, locked, loaded, looking mean, bubbling and blogging and kicking the living, er, matter, out of the paparazzi.

Furthermore, please learn that when I'm not into Bubbling and Blogging, I'm into Banner(ing) and Button(ing).
Take for instance The New American Revolutionist. He already had an excellent blog but, being a man of sense and progress constantly leaning towards improvement, he made a drastic decision and a masterful move and commissioned the dissident frogman to design his blog banner and link buttons.

As for me, well: crafting images with elements such as the Bill of Rights, Lady Liberty and the Stars and Stripes, and being paid for that is way more than I need.

Happy bubbling (albeit mean looking) frogman.

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Ce n'est pas parce que vous ne voyez rien en surface que le frogman n'est pas dans le bain.

Mes excuses pour l'absence de posts mais j'ai été engagé dans diverses activités.

Posing for pictures with the tourists, like Lenin and despite the paparazzi.

Drafts blogging from the bosom of the water.

Et je serai de retour incessamment. Surgissant de l'eau en un élan empreint de virilité, approvisionné, chargé, l'air menaçant, bouillonnant et bloggant et bottant les, hum, fonds de trains des paparazzi.

Apprenez de plus que lorsque je ne suis pas en Bulles et Blogs, je fais dans la Bannière et le Bouton.
Prenez par exemple The New American Revolutionist. Il avait déjà un excellent blog mais, étant un homme de sens et de progrès, inclinant constamment vers le perfectionnement, il a pris une décision drastique et a commissionné le dissident frogman pour la création du bandeau de son blog et des boutons de liaison.

En ce qui me concerne, eh bien : concevoir des images à base d'éléments tels que le Bill of Rights, Dame Liberté et la Bannière Etoilée, tout en étant payé pour ça, est bien plus qu'il ne m'en faut.

Joyeux bouillonnant (bien que menaçant) frogman.



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the dissident frogman

I own, built and run this place. In a previous life I was not French but sadly, I died.


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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

Comments thread (7)

1193 - lola

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"avant que vous ne commenciez à pleurnicher sur votre liberté d'expression" Bonjour Monsieur, si seulement la menace venait de vous...! Bonne chasse tout de même.

1194 - Joe

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The Samizdata site is beutifully done! Way to go!

1195 - Damian Bennett

Comment author avatar
M. DF, Ho-ho, in both name and manner, the original amphibious firebrand. Hhmm, but that makes you the Dissident Salamander. Nice work at TNAR. It's good to remember that there are still many good things in France and from France. Alas, the current political crew plotting mush legislation for the curtailment of legitimate religious freedom is not among the good things of France. Will the French Mutawwa'in be doing panty checks to ensure people of a religious disposition haven't tattooed a cross, Chi-ro, Magen David, omkar, Ek Onkar, triratana, or some such on their pale hidden bottoms? At what point does French Republican secularism cross over to religion of the state? The answer, long ago. (The original state-sponsored terrorist, M. Robespierre, was a big fan of state-sponsored religion as long as it was state-invented religion.) Imagine my surprise to learn that France enacted an anti-sect law three years ago. Entitled "the law to reinforce the prevention and repression of groups of a sect-like character," it empowers the state to disband a church after two convictions for a variety of crimes. One doesn't have to make common cause with phony Scientologists to see that the state busying itself with determining the "sect-like character" of organizations invites not just the "prevention and repression" of marginal religions but also established religions (all derivative religions are "sect-like", all competitive religions are "sect-like") and organized political opposition that becomes, well, too formidably "sect-like". French secularists complain that religious identity is dangerous because it is divisive, but, oh, look no further than this enshrinement for an idea of secularist comity: Aux armes, citoyens, Formez vos bataillons, Marchons, marchons ! Qu'un sang impur Abreuve nos sillons ! These secularists mean business! Better this ensanguined twaddle than some Jainist insurrectionist advocating Ahimsa, or a swami chanting "Hare Krishna", or "pax Christi" from the Pope (who's on notice to dress down should he find himself in France -- keep the cross tucked in and the rosary in your pocket, JP2). The current Supreme Being squatting in the Elysée Palace is a jealous god indeed. Marchons !, DGB BTW, when posing with Lenin in Red Square, the poser is first invited to make an extemporaneous confession and then is shot. Only the camera lacking bullets keeps this from being an authentic Soviet experience.

1196 - Valerie, but not of E-nough!

Comment author avatar
  • Valerie, but not of E-nough!

Damian, Perhaps Jacques et Co. should borrow an old tune from the Lefites of yore? It really does lend itself to so many things important to M. Chirac.... Hey Hey! Ho! Ho! Religious symbols have to go! Hey Hey! Ho! Ho! China ain't so bad ya know! Hey Hey! Ho! Ho! Quite certain there are plenty of burned out old dog radicals lolling around San Francisco who could teach him the melody.

1197 - TNAR

Comment author avatar
If the majority of decisions I make for the next 11 months, are as good as the one I made when I decided to use YOU to design my banner, then it will be a prosperous year. Thanks again!

1198 - Ms. Andi

Comment author avatar
Great pictures, Mr. Frogman!

1199 - peng.hou

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