September 11, 2010: the ashes of the battleground

8 years and 3 months ago

September 11, 2010: the ashes of the battleground

Remembering September 11, and renewing the pledge.

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9 years later, and what is the burning issue? what was destroyed or what might now be built?

Never forget. Never forgive.

And never surrender, ever.


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Comments thread (23)

  • Comment author avatar
  • M*A


Thank you Frogman.

  • Comment author avatar
  • Melissa In Texas


I want to thank you for your message.

You have been missed.

There ARE people in our country who are fighting to not allow this abomination!

Never Forget, Never Surrender!

God Bless America

(and you too Froggy!)

  • Comment author avatar
  • James FStranger from out there

Thank you ‘Frogman!

It has been way too long since we have heard from you.

  • Comment author avatar
  • JihadGeneNorth Korea, Central California

Thanks Froggy. We fly the American Flag today. We remember. We will not forget. We will never forgive terrorists or bow down to them like President Obama has done. We are real Americans. We are the hard workers. Honest people.The warrior class.

  • Comment author avatar
  • SteppergCalifornia USA

Thank you, Dear Frogman.

Shared pain is easier to bear and only a true friend will feel that pain and offer a loving hand.  This didn’t just happen to America, it happened to us all.

  • Comment author avatar
  • BoogsAirmont, NY

Thank you DF, and good to see you post again during this insanity.

  • Comment author avatar
  • floridasuzieFlorida

Thank you so much for standing up with us, dearest Froggy. You are a true friend to America and we appreciate it more than you know!

God Bless America and all those who stand by her side!



  • Comment author avatar
  • BlueStarMom


Well done.

I fear the Moslem conquest of the free world is set.

I have to burn some garbage today.

Glad to see you are still kick’n!



  • Comment author avatar
  • USMC 9971

Excellent job on the video, DF.  I have not forgotten, I will not forget, and I will renew the pledge.

  • Comment author avatar
  • cuchieddieStranger from out there

I will never forget until my last breath. It is my hope that the entire cult and lands of islam are turned to glass. Only then can mankind find itself at peace  again.

  • Comment author avatar
  • WILLOTPStranger from out there

Thanks Frogman. Right to the heart of the matter as always. Good to hear from you.

  • Comment author avatar
  • NRAENDOWMENTYuba City, Peoples Republik of Kalifornia, U.S.A.

Good to see you back, my friend.  I’ve been thinking about 9/11 all morning and wondering why so many Americans seem determined to ignore the barbaric nature of Islam.  Future Dhimmis.

  • Comment author avatar
  • Belle de VilleStranger from out there

Thank you for posting this.

  • Comment author avatar
  • shepsmumArlington, Virginia, USA

Glad to see you back…it’s been too long.  Today is the 9th anniversary of the suicide attacks by al Qaeda on our homeland. The death toll of the 9-11 victims was 2,977. Over 5,664 U.S. service members have since paid the ultimate price in Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, and New Dawn. On Patriot Day please remember those killed on 9-11 and those who have served (including our allies in the fight against radical Islam) so selflessly since that day to secure our freedom. Never forget.

  • Comment author avatar
  • GrimmyWhere I'm at.


Good to hear from you DF. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Where does the light go, when the light goes out?

  • Comment author avatar
  • opinionatedjackass

Froggy, you sexy infidel beast! This means more to us as Yanks than you will ever know. If I’m ever in France, I’ll definitely look you up. Et les bieres - je t’invite!

  • Comment author avatar
  • mockingbird

Thank you so much! God bless you, Frogman!

  • Comment author avatar
  • bonmotdotDeep in the Heart of Texas

Glad you’re okay, Froggie.  We’ve missed you.  Thank you for this.

  • Comment author avatar
  • 2hotel9Western Pennsylvania

Linking to everyone in my address book, Froggy. And hope you can get back in the blogsphere a bit more!

Una Salus Victus Nullam Sperare Salutem

  • Comment author avatar
  • waltj

Bienvenue, DF.  Good to have you back.  Many of us have neither forgotten nor forgiven.  We fight the creeping dhimmitude every day.  For now, my job requires that I work in a muslim-majority country (Indonesia), but I never let the muzzies dictate what and when I can eat or drink, where and how I can pray, or what I can read.  I make sure those few that try quickly come to regret it.  Never give in. 

  • Comment author avatar
  • ProofStockton, Callifornia, USA

Welcome back, Monsieur Frogman! We’ve missed you.

  • Comment author avatar
  • gtiness

Great to see some content from you. Even if only once in a while.

  • Comment author avatar
  • Iwo GinaMaryland


Iwo Gina :coolsmile: