Sustainable+Design for reusing without recycling

11 years and 6 months ago

Sustainable+Design for reusing without recycling

All I want is to save the Earth (and a blowjob)

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Well, after all I love the planet, just like the next guy.

So when critically-acclaimed entertainers such as Sheryl Crow don't hesitate to put their our collective ass on the line by pushing forward innovative ways to save resources at the cost of just a few minor defects in the system (a slightly elevated smelly fingers and crusty underwear ratio), the least I can do is fire up the brain farm and do my part in the struggle for sustainability.

Frogman's Sustainable+Design #001:

After decades of Cold War, living in the fear of the Nuclear Winter, you've finally defeated Communism and find yourself in the middle of a Global Warming situation, with empty NATO cal 7.62 mm in 5 rd clips bandoleers ammo boxes lying around — such as the one pictured on top.

Are you going to junk them? That won’t be very sustainable of you. Just reuse them.

Saving the Earth, one bullet at a time.
Photo ©2007 the dissident frogman
(click the thumbnails for a larger view)

They make great, very sturdy ammo boxes(1), very handy to carry with you in the field.

Now go and shoot me a polar bear.
  1. Now ain't.that.clever.or.not?

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Design+Renouvelable pour réutiliser sans recycler

Bon, après tout j’aime la planète comme le premier quidam venu.

Alors quand d’éminents saltimbanques comme Sheryl Crow n’hésitent pas à mettre leur nos culs collectifs sur la ligne de feu en promouvant des solutions innovantes pour économiser les ressources, au prix, il est vrai, de quelques inconvénients mineurs (un ratio légèrement élevé de doigts qui puent et de fonds de sous-vêtements qui croustillent), le moins que je puisse faire est de lancer la machine à citrouiller et d’accomplir mon devoir dans la lutte pour le renouvelable.

Le Design+Renouvelable de Frogman n°1 :

Après des décennies de Guerre Froide, ayant vécu dans la peur de l’Hiver Nucléaire, vous avez finalement vaincu le Communisme et vous retrouvez dans un contexte de Réchauffement Global, avec des boites de munitions OTAN cal. 7.62 en clips de 5 rd vides, qui trainent un peu partout — telle que celle reproduite ci-dessous.

Allez-vous les benner ? Voilà qui ne serait pas très renouvelable de votre part. Réutilisez-les, tout simplement.

Sauvez la Terre, balle après balle.
Photo ©2007 the dissident frogman
(cliquez la miniature pour zoomer)

Elles font d’excellentes, et très solides, boîtes de munition(1), très pratique pour emmener avec vous sur le terrain.

Maintenant, allez me tirer un ours polaire.
  1. C'est pas malin ça?


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Comments thread (12)

  • Comment author avatar
  • GrimmyWhere I'm at.

"...finally defeated Communism and find yourself in the middle of a Global Warming situation,..."

Umm… sorry, boss. We never did defeat communism. It’s still here and still just as mass murder oriented and deadly in it’s more recent utopianistic idiotism.

Deep Green and Social Ecology are where many disenchanted commie bastards fled for philosophical safe harbor.

And as per usual with commie bastards and their filthy ilk, we’re beginning to see calls for western culture to be destroyed to "save humanity" as well as measures to enforce a uniform degree of poverty upon all citizens everywhere.

This more recent mutation in the misanthropic philosophies of old europe even has devotees that are calling for the elimination of up to 90% of the human population, world wide. Usual method of population reduction advocated is a purposely mutated virus, such as an air born version of the Ebola.

These people, in the radical enviro movements, across the board, are a danger to themselves and others. We ignore them as a real and true threat at our own peril.

Where does the light go, when the light goes out?

  • Comment author avatar
  • BlogBis

Frogman, I´ve been using a couple of .50 ammo cans the same way you propose, for about 20 years.Also,  I’ve recycled 5.56 ammo cans as long-term storage boxes for small arms. I have a couple of them, properly arranged with silica gel bags.

Regards from down here, the Land of populism, and the hometown of our beloved and still dead Che.

  • Comment author avatar
  • KLStranger from out there

Frogman, I know you have been busy with your "Frogman’s Sustainable+Design #001:"  But speaking for myself, I am an addict and must have the Frogman blog with my morning coffee.  Please consider those who are addicts when long  delays between posts are imminent.

  • Comment author avatar
  • 2hotel9Western Pennsylvania

My current stock of Containers,Type Ammunition Storage; Water-tight, is up to 50. My favs are the 60mm mortar rd cans. Lots of capacity, and extra thick bottom seams. And do not throw out those heavy vinyl combat packs that cartridges come in. Open them by the pull tab, then you can reseal them for flexible storage. I’ll see if I can get a pic downloaded for illustration purposes.


Being brought up in the school of "Hump all you need on your back" I am a big time recycler. Every time that resupply bird comes whopwhopwhoping over your position everyone within 5 kilcks knows where you are.

Una Salus Victus Nullam Sperare Salutem

  • Comment author avatar
  • Mitch TownsendWakefield, Massachusetts, USA

Just as an aside, those ammo boxes are reliably waterproof.  I trust my camera to a .50 cal. box when I go out on my kayak to annoy innocent waterfowl.  Just make sure you look at the rubber gasket to see that it hasn’t dried out and cracked.

I’m thinking of making a spare ammo box into a chic purse for my darling daughter.  I wonder what her high school will have to say about that. 

  • Comment author avatar
  • KLStranger from out there


How can I get one of these?  Frogman, can you add a store?  Fogman coffee mug?  Chic ammo box purse?  Seriously…

"I’m thinking of making a spare ammo box into a chic purse for my darling daughter. I wonder what her high school will have to say about that."

  • Comment author avatar
  • peter jacksonStranger from out there


And that’s all I have to say on the matter.


  • Comment author avatar
  • 2hotel9Western Pennsylvania

Come on, Pete! What you running all that 7.5 through? A MAS 36? A SG 57? Come on, whisper sweet nothings in our ears. We LOVE talkin’ guns.

Una Salus Victus Nullam Sperare Salutem

  • Comment author avatar
  • the dissident frogmanFrance

I agree with 2H9. You just can’t tease and leave like that. We want more gun porn.

And next, we’ll talk about cars.

Time to take sides

  • Comment author avatar
  • peter jackson

A SG 57?

Please, don’t break my heart. I’ve considered moving to Switzerland just so I could own one of these. BATF won’t allow the import of any automatic weapon, even if it’s been converted to semi-auto. It violates their “once a machine gun always a machine gun” rule. Fuckers.

Anyhoo, here are my babies, Sophie and Giselle. How I love them so.


  • Comment author avatar
  • 2hotel9Western Pennsylvania

Very nice! I was considering buying one of those last summer, at a Dick’s Discount Sporting Goods. They actually have a varied selection of Milsurplus rifles. If I had a blog to link to I’d show y’all Warbitch and Sweety. .303 Brit and 7.62 NATO, respectively. I actually stepped into the 20th century about 5 years ago, got an auto-loading pistol. Walther P1. What can I say? I like old stuff, its proven and reliable.

Una Salus Victus Nullam Sperare Salutem

  • Comment author avatar
  • Star-WolfFrance

Tiens, ça m’a rappelé un article qui parlait de la vente de machettes au rabais après les élections au Nigéria.

Apparemment, les leçons sur le génocide rwandais n’a pas été oubliées de tous. Avec une fente sur le dessus, ces boîtes de munitions pourraient faire de très bonnes urnes. Après tout, il y a bien une citation qui prétend que le pouvoir politique sort du canon d’un fusil, nan ? Et je ne doute pas que dans quelques années, en Europe et tout particulièrement en France, les scrutins sentiront la poudre.